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GCEX Releases XplorTrader

18 March 2024 - Digital Prime Brokerage GCEX (GCEX Group), a leading regulated digital brokerage in FX and digital assets, proudly announces the release of its most sophisticated margin trading platform, XplorTrader. This upgrade signifies a major step forward in catering to the increasingly sophisticated demands of institutional and professional traders, offering unprecedented flexibility and control for enhanced operational efficiency.

The advanced XplorTrader sets a new benchmark in the market for margin based CFD and Foreign Exchange platforms. With its cutting-edge technology, the high-performance platform provides enhanced charting functionalities, streamlined deposit and withdrawal processes, and improved monitoring and management of trading instruments and positions. Designed for ease of use, XplorTrader enables traders to execute trades and analyse markets effortlessly.

In response to the market’s need for a comprehensive, easily customisable white-label solution, GCEX will now incorporate the newly unveiled XplorTrader into its white-label package - XplorBroker in a Box. XplorTrader grants brokers unparalleled flexibility in tailoring both visual and functional aspects of the platform to meet their specific user experience objectives, all within a secure and reliable environment.

Lars Holst, Founder and CEO, GCEX remarked: “The release of our proprietary margin trading platform has been driven by market demand for advanced yet customisable trading solutions. This development places GCEX at the forefront of trading technology, providing a superior user experience and best-in-class execution solutions for our clients.”

Michael Aagaard, Managing Director, GCEX who has led this new product development, commented: “The introduction of an enhanced and flexible margin-trading platform to our technology offering underscores GCEX’s commitment to continuous investment in technology. Our goal is to maintain our leadership in the market and enrich the trading experience of institutional and professional clients, aligning our technology with their business goals.”

XplorTrader is a cornerstone of GCEX’s XplorDigital trading solutions, encompassing the ‘Broker In A Box’ plug-and-play white-label solution. This comprehensive offering also includes back office, risk management, credit utilisation, analytics, reporting, account management and a sophisticated liquidity price engine which provides access to tier 1 and deep liquidity and connectivity to the biggest price makers.


GCEX Group empowers institutional clients with a broad range of Forex brokerage solutions, including fiat/crypto conversion as well as deep liquidity in digital assets. Furthermore, it offers digital assets as collateral among other innovative technology solutions. With offices in London, Copenhagen, Glasgow, Zug Crypto Valley, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai, GCEX is regulated by the UK’s FCA, the Danish FSA and has been granted a Virtual Asset Service Provider License by the Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority. True Global Ventures are investors in GCEX.

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