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GCEX offers best-in-class end-to-end and plug-and-play solutions for professional and institutional clients





Turnkey Solutions


A full suite of technology with front-end platforms, back-office administration and trading tools across asset classes

Easy to access via API or Websocket

High performance

Developed by and experienced team of industry experts

Safe, Secure and Reliable


Our team has decades of experience in the financial services industry to bring you the latest technology

and offer high-performance and easy-to-use solutions


Manage your digital assets risk, staking and on-ramp/off-ramp needs using our proprietary crypto native multi-asset trading platform


GCEX's best-in-class CFDs and Forex platform. Monitor positions and place orders - with flexibility to tailor both visual and functional aspects of the platform with a superior user experience - maintaining platform depth, detail and functionality

Xplor Broker in a Box
Xplor Broker in a Box

A full suite of technology with front-end platforms, back-office administration and trading tools across asset classes that are easy to use and to customise

Xplor Crypto in a Box
Xplor Crypto in a Box

Everything you need to run your own brokerage or exchange including access to regulated custody solutions, a technology- agnostic platform that provides Tier 1 liquidity

White Label
White Label

Customise our proprietary trading platform to meet your needs through our powerful white label API-led trading platform


Understand your clients' positions in real time and make better business decisions

Other Solutions From XplorDigital®

GCEX's best-in-class trading solutions help you operate more efficiently




One easy-to-access user interface to complement your trading platforms

XplorPortal advanced platform transcends the conventional notion of a dashboard. It complements the company’s existing trading tools by delivering a tailored and centralized trading command centre, including:

  • Whitelist crypto wallets and bank accounts
  • Request crypto or fiat withdrawals
  • Access real-time updates on open positions
  • Review unrealized PnL
  • Review total account value
  • Download historical trade statements








We build and support your entire trading ecosystem including servers, connectivity and network security

Boost your trading success with reliable, best-in-class and high-performance hosting and connectivity solutions

Institutional and professional traders benefit from our secure networks for maximum uptime and minimal latency



Boost your trading success with active liquidity management

Monitor and manage outbound liquidity and set internal flow rules with our enhanced liquidity price engine:

Top-of-book and market-depth construction

Enhanced liquidity display

Manage and monitor your firm's risk

Quick turn on/off for individual instrument liquidity

In-depth detail of client's trades



             XplorAnalytics Technology




Optimize and increase efficiencies -make informed decision when placing or managing trades

Boost your trading success with tools that process data and deliver it in the form of statistical analysis to drive better trading decisions:

Find trades using a variety of search filters

View trade information

Monitor total client volume individually or as a whole

Track individual instrument volume

Check the client's total trade attempts and fill rates


Understand clients' positions in real time at a granular level and make better business decisions

Simplify how you monitor and manage risk from your clients

Easy rule customization on each currency to hedge according to established risk limits

Real time overview of net open positions by currency pair and currency

Hedge risk through our advanced platform - XplorTrader®


             GCEX Xplor Risk September 2023-1


             Back Office



Xplor Back Office


Access actionable intelligence. Manage business operations and optimize processes


Develop the best experience for your clients:

Configure individual or aggregated liquidity

Customize liquidity down to individual instrument level

Leverage and margin settings configuration

Create multiple mark up streams




Institutional Brokers and Professional Traders can quickly and easily access market data and execute trades

Our solutions include robust security measures and are built on a reliable and resilient infrastructure, providing you with a reliable trading environment that is available 24/7










Customizable allocation rules:

Percentage basis
Risk appetite basis

Explore how our advanced technology

solutions can benefit your business


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Imagen 3-1 Why GCEX?

Security and Connectivity

Security and Connectivity

Access liqiudity from carefully selected digital assets price makers, which provide ultra comptitive spreads, deep liquidity and a broad range of assets in a regulated and secure environment

Tech and Liquidity

Tech & Liquidity Combined

Access liquidity from carefully selected digital assets price makers, which provide ultra-competitive spreads, deep liquidity and a broad range of assets in a regulated and secure environment

Regulated Custody

Regulated Custody Partners

GCEX only works with regulated custodians to keep our clients’ assets secure. Our custody partnerships allow us to offer an extensive range of digital assets and staking solutions



Access global markets and diversify your portfolio with rolling spot FX, CFDs on commodities, digital asset spot, digital asset CFDs and CFDs on major global indices

Digital Assets Spot
Digital Assets Spot

A safe, secure, and reliable way to trade digital assets

Digital Assets Conversion
Digital Assets Conversion

Access our global expertise in digital assets

Foreign Exchange
Foreign Exchange Services

A reliable and secure way to convert currencies

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